Sky Thief

Sky Thief   She’s tender and tough. Still the child who gently places fallen baby birds back in their nests. Yet that girl who beat guys in sports and tongue covered swears. Knows how to be stone-cold and walk like she’s crowned. Cries only behind closed doors, on dim lights, without sound.   She’s mild … More Sky Thief


“Some girls are like tangled earphones, in chaos but still play the sweetest music of life”  👯 👯👯 ❤❤❤ Music Dedicated


“Good people are like dreamcatchers they try to purify bad people but unknown that any color which mingles with black, transforms it”

Rebel vs Fear

Turquoise whirlpools swirling in the terrible place called mind, Fear resulting the fingers and sheets to be entwined. Rebel and fear colliding with deadly glistening sparks, Leaving trails of awful question marks.

Her Secret Garden

Underneath the enigma of wrappers, Blooms an opal daisy brimming with forbidden chapters. Mystifying simplicity, camouflaging the bubbly chatters, Which were lost and left in awful tatters.

Cranky Much?

Faux ‘I don’t care’ looks I gave, Trying to put my mask of being naïve “Liar, Liar pants on fire” looks you made me encounter, Exclamation on book references coming from my echo sounder. Making me brave in that comical flabbergasted situations. We are the imperfect mentally retarded creations.