They told me the monsters haunt the night,
They were only at peace when they broke the dam within you and blurr your eyesight.
Brute creatures with sharp long fangs, tall as three skyscrapers and smelled like garbage with rotten eggs,
Won’t throw mercy upon you until you cry your lungs out and beg.
But they were wrong, those creatures were the one you loved the most,
Disguise as a human being but were a horrendous ghost,
Who won’t let you sleep and remind the every bruise given,
Cage you in the eternal guilt prison.
I wish they had warned me about those wretched beasts,
I wish these nightmares would soon cease. – Enigma

11 thoughts on “MONSTERS

  1. A bold, wonderful write-up. 🙂
    It does not surprise me now when I get to know how a friend was never a friend at all; how a well-wisher was instead one’s will-killer. Such are the incidents which turn them into a paranoia and people say they have trust-issues.

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