Time to slide back in her casing,
Knowingly, sat she, star gazing.
Difficult to mould herself again into a stranger,
Be the ultimate nerd like Hermione Granger.

Time to force a smile on the yearly gunpoint,
Two wounded hearts joined, unfortunately can’t be unjoint.
Palpable façade visible on the curve,
Understanding the nexus of their relation was no one’s nerve.
Time to stop the paddling desperation of the heart,
No remedy accessible to live the emotions from start.
No syllables adequate to describe the desperation,
Of the two friends leading on the path of separation.


Time to bid the unwanted adieus,
To the friend who painted bright yellows to her blues.
Its time to leave the hands of her friend,
A ceremony no one wishes to attend.

Written for my dearest, bitch, sassy Amy ❤ ❤ ❤

Picture Credits: Getty Images



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