Cranky Much?

Faux ‘I don’t care’ looks I gave,
Trying to put my mask of being naïve
“Liar, Liar pants on fire” looks you made me encounter,
Exclamation on book references coming from my echo sounder.
Making me brave in that comical flabbergasted situations.
We are the imperfect mentally retarded creations.

I got the friend I knew I never deserved,
Don’t flatter yourself too much or I will get on your nerves.
You are responsible for my enmity with time,
Together for 30 minutes until the daft bell chimes,
The believer of eternity, has lost the faith in this syllable.
Knowing that you will leave and thats inexplicable!

People say you are a loner and I say happy realisation,
One friend, one drama is enough until the heavens station.
If looks could kill, right now I would be in the funeral pyre,
Going cranky and seeing you is my only desire!~Enigma



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