Her Secret Garden

Underneath the enigma of wrappers,

Blooms an opal daisy brimming with forbidden chapters.

Mystifying simplicity, camouflaging the bubbly chatters,

Which were lost and left in awful tatters.


A marigold squealing with yellows,

Crushed a long time ago amidst the horrific midnight bellows,

Shine corroded yet alive in those azure eyes,

Unaffected laughs and flawless lies.


Ambrosial roses once cherished,

Abandoned to be withered and perished.

Unknown that roses are sprinkled by stardust,

Spreading the aroma even when they get crushed.


An epitome of solitary lover,

But yearns for company, waiting to be discovered.

Faux desire for a paradise unaware about her existence,

Yet wishes to be the marine forget me not’s with eternal essence.


An untamed wildflower growing in elusive places,

In the cracks of brokenness, in scarlet pages.

Charcoal soul adorned with glistening stories,

Breaking chains and free from folly worries.

Soil in the soul nurtured by the fertiliser of pain,

Behind the high walls a blooming garden with entry refrain.

Haunting midnight always brings an enchanting dawn,

Flowers grow back even after they are stepped on.



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