Rebel vs Fear

Turquoise whirlpools swirling in the terrible place called mind,

Fear resulting the fingers and sheets to be entwined.

Rebel and fear colliding with deadly glistening sparks,

Leaving trails of awful question marks.




The black persuades to remain in the molds,

Making difficult for the courageous marigolds.

Replays the things what you are not,

Teases brutally, making her fraught.



The sheen gold cascading with courage.

Powerful persuasion with rebel in storage.

Making her a wolf in her own territory,

Silent to the weak men with unworthy society story.



But sweetheart always remember you are brave,

A casket of qualms, insecurity and fear hidden in your cave.

Don’t fight with yourself for the world,

Fight with the world for yourself.~Enigma




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