Uncharted Illusion

“I’m fine” a phrase choking torments,

She cries with thoughts and moments.

3:00 am keeps her awake and vulnerable,

Loosing battles to the fallen angel.


Untainted night enchants her to express,

Her insecurities, pain and distress.

She screamed, her eyes smeared and powerless,

Fallen too many times in the bottomless.


Mind at unrest, heart scattered in mayhem,

Yet whispering “I’m fine” to them.

Stood up, rescued her alone,

Letting go is all that she has known.


A phoenix that rose from the ash,

Pain glued the pieces of the broken glass.

Folks, don’t draw up conclusions,

When “I’m fine” was just an uncharted illusion.~ Enigma


© All rights reserved. Sole works of the author.



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