Myriad of Emotions

An infant entering the world,

Water cascading in swirls.

Life, a buoyant process,

A beautiful chaotic mess.

Sprinting like swift hurricanes,

A puzzle making us insane.

Labyrinths gleaming with mirages.

Ephemeral for swallowed phrases.


So, dance with grace and delight,

Be your own charming knight.

Gloomy? Doodle, sail paper boats,

Let your embarrassing secrets float.


Ember the anger hidden within,

Peel the layers of the painful midden.

Ablaze the torments during pain mode,

You’re a supernova. Explode.


Cause darling, you’re a myriad of emotions,

Possessing shimmering magic in your bones.

Someday, these memories will spoil your cheeks,

In a hospital bed as death peeks. ~ Enigma



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