“Think of positivity and positivity empowers you – Enigma”

You are the one to fight in the tumultuous storm,

Believe in yourself and then, nothing will ever go wrong.

The darkness is solely the one to search out the way to light,

Posses a new energy and victory will surely thrive.

At the end of this journey you are definitely going to reach a beautiful ravine,

Only if you embrace your brutes with a new zeal and a new might.

Hell0 beautiful people out here in this blogging sphere so let me boast a little about myself. I have created this website for the ones who are lacking courage and are desperately in need of finding motivation (PS: which includes me) Writing is my healer. When I write it possess my soul. So with this wonderful talent I have in myself, I desire to give  everyone a tinge of motivation to help them.

So all those people out there, the ones who are called “failures”, the vagabonds, the eccentrics, the loners, the wallflowers, the geeks and the ones who are shattered into zillions of pieces gather yourself up with the new motivation. I hope I reach up your expectations.


Let’s jump in my world, come on people!!!