Titbits about Enigma

“Never be afraid to get excited for the things that have soul” ~Enigma

Flower and Fight

You’re made of flower and fight.

Cherish and nurture yourself as a flower.

Your arms and legs are weapons against the wrong.

When destroyed, demolished, shattered and demoralized, remember,

For a star to be born, a gaseous nebula destruction is a necessity. ~ Enigma

Enigma is someone who loves to weave poetry or stories from a chaotic mess of thoughts. She’s a walking bundle of sarcasm, contradictions and poetry. You’ll often find her under the covers with books. Books and memes make 90% of her body. She’s a selenophile. For her, words can wring magic out of the ordinary. She is in love with cosmos, Greek mythology, beaches, mountains, city-lights, vintage coffee houses and all the things that have soul.

She’s someone everyone knows about and someone who is always unknown.

She impetuously desires to help people in finding their uncharted wild magic.

At present, she is visibly uncomfortable writing her bio and has backspaced to Mars.

In the times when darkness befriends you,

In the times when nobody aids you.

In the times when you question about the existence of magic.

Remember this: We live in a gas ball filled with a compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen that revolves in a non-existent orbit around a huge ball of fire next to a ball of sand that moves the sea and you said, “Miracles don’t happen.”




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