She sits there amidst the group of girls ranting and daydreaming about their future love life. She gazes at them as they get excited over the person who will want them. Their soulmate. Their ‘perfect’ partner, their ‘perfect’ life.

She mentally sighs and let her mind wander. She thinks, “There’s so much more life than finding someone who wants you or being sad over someone who doesn’t.”

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She gazed her reflection in the clean glass mirror. She wonder how she had a swift transformation. How her eyes turned from shimmering blue to corpse-like? When did the shine decided to leave her eyes. When she became so vulnerable, so weak and so, tired.
The smudged mascara and kohl, an expressionless face and a numb body reluctant to react. Is this all she left with?
An abrupt realisation dawned upon her. She needed to be strong, she can’t fall weak. She cannot fall weak for herself. There were dreams unfulfilled and voices unheard that lie within herself. These were waiting to come out, to burst upon the world.
She felt a sharp pang inside her heart as she glanced at her reflection. The eyes damp with tears, the awful red nose and the beige forehead covered with sweat-beads.
She begged herself to hold on the pain and to be strong once again.
She smiled through the tears and whispered, ” Let the time pass. It will make you live with pain. It will make you unrecognizable.”



“The hope gave her a tinge of confidence in herself, the faith gave anew sense of exhilaration to battle with all thorns, pricks,  stones and pricks in the elusive journey”-Enigma


She knew that she had run into a labyrinth where there were uncharted and elusive paths. She was aware that she would stumble on lots of stones, rocks, thorns and pricks which will ooze blood, cause her the nasty feeling of pain but then, she had stepped into the maze of labyrinthine. A maze such that once entered cannot be quitted but then, she had broken all the walls she had built herself, thrown all the masks which she used as a weapon to protected herself from the people, she had chuck all the thoughts which made her think how weak and undeserving she was. Continue reading “DISCOVERING THE JOURNEY”

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