Damaged Healers

Some girls are the emerald atop of the hill, The ones kissed by sunlight. Chameleons, changing from a wildflower to a daffodil. The Riding Hoods, travelling in the forbidden with courage and might.  Advertisements


“Why leave your heart blank? Paint it in corals, sapphires, emeralds, turquoise and crimsons. If the brush is unavailable use your hand”- Enigma  


Time to slide back in her casing, Knowingly, sat she, star gazing. Difficult to mould herself again into a stranger, Be the ultimate nerd like Hermione Granger.


Every day brings some pain with happiness and some happiness with pain but at the end it is not permanent. Everything falls in its place.


They told me the monsters haunt the night, They were only at peace when they broke the dam within you and blurr your eyesight. Brute creatures with sharp long fangs, tall as three skyscrapers and smelled like garbage with rotten eggs, Won’t throw mercy upon you until you cry your lungs out and beg.   … More MONSTERS


“Pain is found in the most unlikely people. These people plaster a smile, try to embrace their fears and save the person who had hurt them cause they are the most pure souls in this world.”